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    The GBA screen 50% bigger than Game Boy Colour! That must mean the GBA is bigger than the GBC too, right? No way. It's the same compact size, but with a screen that's  bigger, higher resolution and exploding with more colors.

    Game play always comes first. With the new horizontal design and the addition of two new L and R Buttons, GBA takes gameplay to a whole new level. Maximum control means maximum fun

    Available in Indigo, Arctic, Glacier and Fuschia and many more Colours.


    You can play Game Boy Advance for fifteen hours on one pair of AA batteries. That's 50% more time than the solid ten hours Game Boy Color offered. Note: like your GBC, GBA can only be played with alkaline batteries.

    Game Paks for GBA are half the size of Game Boy Color Game Paks. When you need to bring it everywhere, the more compact the better.







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