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    Anti-aliased graphics


    The Nintendo 64 provides 64-bit graphics and CD-quality sound at a blistering 93.75 MHZ. With real-time rendering and awesome anti-aliased graphics, the N64 immerses you in a heart-pounding video game world!
    14 buttons
    360 degree Control Stick
    multi-directional + Control Pad
    quick action Z Button
    Attain new levels of accuracy and play-control with the ergonomically designed Controller, featuring 14 buttons and an analog Control Stick. The N64 Controller gives you complete control over every move through 360 degrees. There's a quick-action Z Button on the bottom and a multi-directional + Control Pad. Accessories like the N64 Controller Pak and Rumble Pak (each sold separately) expand your game play possibilities!
    64-bit graphics
    93.75MHZ CD quality sound

    Stereo AV cables are included for the highest-quality 64-bit graphics and 93.75MHZ CD quality sound stereo sound. RF Adapter available separately. Nintendo Power Source' s Consumer Service area has all the details on how to hook up your Nintendo 64 system.





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